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Review: Ivan Ilić and Sound Festival Spectacular at Kemnay

On Saturday 25th October, the knowledgeable and virtuoso pianist, Ivan Ilić, gave his fourth recital with Inverurie Music at Kemnay Church Centre. The recital was part of the Sound Festival, which promotes and performs contemporary music. Ivan is a good ambassador for the “new music” scene, collaborating with other art forms, such as film and […]

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Review: From Spain to Latin America

Duo Diez, Violeta Barreña (violin) and Dimitris Dekavallas (guitar), gave an exciting and varied concert for IM at the Chapel of Garioch Church on Saturday. They call themselves after two Spanish words- duo for two and diez for ten (strings) and have recently launched their debut album, ‘From Granada to Buenos Aires’. Their music encompasses […]

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